Why we use Lavender Oil for Blume Hand and body lotion

Why we use Lavender Oil for Blume Hand and body lotion

We use pure essential oils and one of them is organic Lavender Oil grown in the Canterbury plains in the South Island of New Zealand.

Because we believe lavender is one of the safest and best oils for relieving stress and anxiety.

We also believe most people can also safely use the oil without fear of allergies.

All about Lavendula angustifolia

Blume and why we use Lavender essential oil Lavender is indigenous to the Mediterranean region but is now cultivated all around the planet and right here in New Zealand

Blume a little tube of calm, sourced an organic supply from NZlavender (pictured above) from the Canterbury Plains beneath the Southern Alps of New Zealand.

The oil is produced by steam distillation of freshly cut flowering lavender tops.

It is important to us to use a natural organic, unblended, unadulterated, lavender essential oil.

Because it means all the important chemicals are present to create an authentic healing outcome.

One of the upmost perfect essential oil blend for our lovely Blume hand and body lotion.

While lavender aroma may be pungent and not particularly liked by some, is loved by others.

 Why use Lavender

And regardless of aroma, lavender is amazing and known as the mother of all oils.

Lavender has many attributes and characteristics of sweet, floral, and woody undertones, and used since ancient times.

Lavender is the most useful and versatile oil for therapeutic purposes.

The greatest stress reliever in essential oils is lavender.

All research on lavender agrees it works on both the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system calming the body in times of stress.

This is why we used lavender in our cream,  it also helpful in pains and spasms, cramps, mental fatigue, distractions and crisis situations.

And perfect for sudden unpredictable changes in life, and has been the focus on many clinical trials and used in hospitals around the world.

How to use Blume

If your feeling stressed Blume may help you.

Rub a small amount around the back of the neck and up to and around your hair line, as well behind your ears and up to the temples.

You can also use after a bath or shower for helping to relax for a better night sleep.

Use anytime day or night for relaxing and calming or during busy or stressful times.

Lavender is also non-irritating, non-toxic, and non-sensitising. That is why we use lavender oil.

Indeed a very safe essential oil.

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