Enhance your wellbeing with Blume a little tube of calm.

New Zealand made hand and body lotion just  for you, to relax and calm daily stress.

Aromatherapy with purposely chosen organic essential oils and flower essences that support the nervous system any time day or night.

Includes a hydrating and anti-aging formula, providing a rich source of natural ingredients, helping rejuvenate and replenish dry skin.

Quality products that improve and support personal health.


You will be supporting the nervous system and helping calm daily stress by using Blume hand and body,

and in addition is relaxing for a good night sleep.

We believe, we have the best and versatile calming, relaxing hand and body lotion on the market today.


 Aromatherapy lovers will love Blume …a little tube of calm…


Blume  is a little tube of calming organic essential oil lotion hand cream in a handy 70ml tube, use as a normal  hand and body lotion any time day or night.


Our hand and body lotion contains pure organic unadulterated essential oils.

Essential oils and flower essences are natures gift from our planet.


Essential oils contain a complex range of constituents and actions, we have used particular oils for their actions relating to relaxation, calming and reducing stress and anxiety.


Let Blume a little tube of calm, essential oil hand lotion, support you and nourish your skin, while you go about your daily business.



An Aromatherapy Lovers Dream, and calming essential oil hand lotion to ignite your senses.


 Can’t sleep, overwhelmed, stressed = Blume a little tube of calm.


With a delightfully light, non greasy texture results in ultra-hydration and anti-aging properties.


Naturally made with healthy ingredients helping rejuvenate and replenish dry skin. And is beneficial to dry or sensitive skin.


Also is hypoallergenic and a balancing  pH 5.5


Blume …a little tube of calming essential oil lotion.  Also contains pro vitamin B5, vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin E creating a synergy protection from free radicals.

Thus helping dry skin stay moisturised soft and healthy inside and out.


All things considered Blume a little tube of calm essential oil hand and body lotion is a must for everyday.





Make life easier with essential oil hand lotion


It is wonderful the essential oils are used widely throughout the world there are some really good books on the subject making some interesting reading. Blume a little tube of calming essential oil lotion is based on aromatherapy science.

I always go back to my class material if in doubt about any information I find because it is important to be able to know what your reading is correct and how to make safe therapeutic dosages for consumers.


Because essential oils are very potent caution is advised, you must know how and what to do when using them. Essential oils are volatile and can be toxic and hazardous because they are seventy times stronger than the plant itself.


But there are a few exceptions that are very safe oils, that can be used neat on skin, they are lavender oil, Tea tree oil, Manuka oil and Chamomile oil. Other oils should never be used neat (neat meaning undiluted and straight out of it’s container) on the skin.


Blume a little tube of calm essential oil lotion containing pure essential oil extracted from aromatic plants,

The oil is obtained by either steam or water distillation or mechanical processes or by dry distillation.


Plants capture light energy from the sun and convert it to chemical energy.  The process is called photosynthesis, I cant imagine a life without the magic of flowers, in fact there would be no life if it were not for flowers.




       An all natural formula with 100% organic essential oils.

       Let the magic of New Zealand flower essences and a therapeutic dose of aromatherapy to help you

       throughout a busy or stressful day. while helping moisturise and hydrate f

       or a more youthful looking skin. Helping with reducing daily stress,

       calming the mind and relaxing the body.

       How to use,  Apply any amount you need and massage wherever needed for dryness.

       For calming stress massage cream around the sides of neck, back of neck, nape and up behind the ears.

       Blume hand and body cream is a rich  source of natural ingredients and pure unadulterated essential oils and flower essences

For relaxing  calming and supporting the nervous system in times of daily stress, how wonderful.



Lets face it, today’s daily life is busy and often stressful.

 …a little tube of calming essential oil lotion… the perfect solution for busy situations, calming daily stress, aiding and helping restore natural sleep patterns.

Equally important its a healthy choice for your skin and health while reducing stress. After all we stay up later, work harder,  endure restless sleep, life is more stressful,

 Blume a little tub of calm, calming essential oil lotion is made with flower essences and aromatherapy helping combat stress, solving a big problem without the use of drugs is a simple effective solution.

 A restoring and calming essential oil hand and body lotion.

Therefore the best gift for friends and family. Gift …a little tube of calm…

Especially great before bed after a bath or shower, helping relaxation and aiding a better nights sleep

Choose Blume the best flower essence, aromatherapy hand and body lotion for calming and relaxing the mind and body and aiding sleep.


Learn more about stress on the science page.

I’ve been using Blume Hand & Body Lotion and I’m absolutely in love with it. The velvety feeling on my hands with no stickiness whatsoever is very pleasant. Not only do I enjoy the smell, Overall I’m very happy with the product and have even been buying quite a few as presents for friends and clients. Thank you Karen for putting so much effort into this.

Patricia S.


Blume calming hand cream the best hand and body lotion

Who We Are

Karen Dobson is the creator of Blume a little tube of calming, calming essential oil lotion

Combining a love of flower essences and aromatherapy together.

Karen produced this wonderful hand and body lotion for calming and relaxing stress, while moisturising the skin, helping to keep skin healthy and found a bonus of  helping the body prepare for a good nights sleep, is truly …a little tube of calm…

A natural formula for total health, reducing stressors and getting more enjoyment out of life .

Blume is the best hand and body lotion for dry skin. While relaxing and calming after a busy or stressful day.

Karen has a herbal diploma and studied at Wellpark naturopathic school of natural medicine, in Grey Lynn Auckland city.



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