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Meet Karen Dobson and Blume…a little tube of calm…

The creation of Blume hand and body lotion was definitely a pleasure.

Creating Blume from scratch definitely has its challenges. The ultimate goal was to make a therapeutic hand and body lotion (similar to a rescue remedy in skincare, after all our skin is the biggest organ of the body) also with the amazing benefits of flower essences and particular essential oils that all relate to soothing stress.

We also found that the lotion also helped with improving sleep when using after shower of bath at night before bed.

And let’s face it, stressful days, happen, Karen wanted her product to be a natural therapeutic lotion, to be a simple, easy way to combat daily stress, via our largest organ, our skin.

I dont know about you, but as a whole we are working harder and longer than ever, we stay up later, and busier than ever, with work home and family challenges.

Anything that can help keep us relaxed, calm and stress free is a good for our health.

The idea of making a calming and relaxing rescue lotion for anytime day or night was a challenge and it is a new niche in the marketplace.  But it has also has been well received, in which we are truly delighted.

Using flower essences for calming stress and essential oils for combating daily stress and sleepless nights is now a reality.

Karen, is a hairdresser and mother of four, with six grand children (so far), loved producing Blume a little tube of calm hand and body cream.

Karen has a diploma from Australasian College of Herbal Studies NZ. (12 o9 2005)

In addition Karen studied naturopathy modules at Wellpark School of Natural Therapies. (2006-2009)

And recently 2019 gained The Emotion Code certificate.

Having loved aromatherapy and flower essences modules Karen realised the many benefits and powerful applications which can rival the use of drugs

Blume was also inspired by the original work of Dr Edward Bach  The Science

Why not try it out and see for yourself, and gift one to a friend or family member.

Using a holistic approach to health using aromatherapy and flower essences is an effective way of managing daily stress or sleepless nights.

Our values are to protect you from harm using organic and natural ingredients with no parabens or sulphates.

And definitely not any testing on animals.   We also use recyclable packaging

Karen took alot into consideration when developing Blume, Developing a product is not an easy path but by perseverance and  never giving up, here, it is, a very exceptional little tube of calm.

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